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Ayaba Beauty Makeup offers a range of services including makeup classes, prom appointments, bridal makeup, workshops, and more to cater to all your beauty requirements.

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Anique Frederick is a celebrated Caribbean makeup artist from the vibrant shores of Antigua, whose expertise in color theory and versatility across all skin tones have made her a beacon in the world of beauty. Anique's educational journey in makeup artistry took her to the renowned Carsten Institute in New York, where she refined her craft and embraced a global perspective on beauty and makeup techniques.


With a professional career spanning over 11 years, Anique has established herself as an authority in various makeup disciplines, including bridal, creative, carnival, face art, glam makeovers, and prom makeup. Her adeptness in transforming visions into reality has not only garnered her a dedicated clientele but has also made her services highly sought after for special events and celebrations. Anique's work is a testament to her belief that makeup is not just an enhancement of natural beauty but a means to express one's identity and creativity.


Beyond her remarkable makeup services, Anique is passionate about sharing her knowledge and skills with others. She has hosted numerous makeup classes, catering to both individuals seeking to elevate their personal makeup game and groups looking for a shared learning experience. These sessions range from one-on-one tutorials to larger workshops, all designed to empower participants with the tools and techniques needed to explore their own beauty and creativity.


Anique Frederick's blend of technical skill, creative vision, and dedication to education makes her not just a makeup artist, but a true artist and mentor in the field of beauty. Her contribution to the industry goes beyond making people look beautiful; she is deeply committed to helping others discover their own beauty and confidence, both inside and out.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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